Killing Cupid?

Well the writing contest is in full swing and I am only 20% through my attempt to have a novel written in 30 days. Life likes to get in the way of writing. However, I did accomplish another short story, so the month is not a total loss, or completely over. Even if I don’t get the story finished by the contest deadline, it will get finished. It is a good action packed tale that will see an audience at one point or another. Fifteen days to go until contest end, so I will plug along and see what I can accomplish in the time remaining.

Now, let’s move on to a topic that has started to rise to the surface of our consciousness, Valentine’s Day. We at KPN like to have a little fun with Cupid. As one of the moderators of the Romance Group, I take a slight offense to the negative tone that Valentine’s Day can receive from those less open to love. However, let’s face it. The idea of little fat people with wings flinging arrows full of love at us is just a bit on the freak radar.

Therefore, even though I should be offended, I join in the fun too. Swing over to the poetry section and read my creation from Valentine’s Day 2010 titled “Battling Cupid”. In a few weeks, I will have to add a romantic poem or two just so you will not think I’m all about killing off love. Quite the contrary, but you don’t know that yet since we are so new at getting to know each other.

Stick around, bookmark my website, or follow my blog through Facebook. There’s no telling what I’m going to write about next – so make sure you come by every few weeks. If nothing else, I’ll keep you entertained, enlightened, or enraged.

Doesn’t that last statement intrigue you, urging you to come back for more?

Remember to keep writing those chapters in your books titled Opportunity. Cheers!

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