Warming Up

I have heard enough about winter weather, blizzards, wind chills and snow, snow, snow to last an eternity. Ground Hog’s Day gave all of us something to look forward to with hopes for an early (and warmer) spring. Furthermore, it is time to heat things up with Valentine’s Day around the corner. Do you have something special planned for your significant other?

I did promise to keep you up to date on the novel-writing contest. Well, I have a GREAT start to what will be a wonderful story. Only 20,000 words by the end of the month, which does not get me close to a novel. Those carefree days of not working a regular day job do look good during time crunched months such as was January, but we can’t have everything. I’ll have to keep the writing going as life permits. Thirty-eight writers signed up for the challenge, seven determined and committed wordsmiths gave it their all and finished their manuscripts. I cannot wait to see who wins the competition. The winning entry will see their novel published, most likely, early next year.

All are winners in my book. To write a novel within a month is a challenge.

Although I did not finish this story within 30 days, I will keep working it and see where it takes me. With two major writing projects, my goals for this year are to finish these stories so I can work on the other ideas filling my notebook. Writers – we are always coming up with something new. The problem is time!

Now, I do not really consider myself a poet. Free verse, as far as writing poetry, is my nearest and dearest associate. Some of my writing friends would argue with me on this point, but I do confess I do not pay a great deal of attention to form, flow, rhyme, meter, and all that jazz. I just write what comes to me. Many times, a poem is itching to come out and I manage to write something respectable in a few minutes. The inspiration brewing in my subconscious until it screams to be inscribed on paper or computer screen.

I love it when I get an idea that is begging for release and I can churn it out at that moment. Frustrating is when an idea strikes as I am driving, working, or otherwise engaged and cannot jot down my ideas. There have been so many interesting concepts that have gone by the way side due to circumstance. I try to limit that from happening, but sometimes the good ones slip by me. There is probably a phone app out there somewhere that solves my dilemma.

My newest poem (posted in the poetry section) is a product of this spark of creativity that grabs me from time to time. I was actually trying to nap. Trust me, naps do not come my way often, but this time I thought I could take advantage of a short snooze. Well, my mind just would not stop working, and the poem started working its way to the surface, demanding full development. I believe recent thoughts regarding several relationships that we know of that have fallen apart were my inspiration, but I can’t say for certain what spirited such a sudden demand for it to be drafted on the spot. I wrote it in less than ten minutes. The damage done though, I was wide-awake. No nap. The poem, Does Knowing Bring You Comfort?, is a poem that speaks to me on multiple levels. I get something new from each subsequent review. I hope readers find a way to connect to it as well. I will not say anything more so you can read it and interpret it for yourselves.

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