Evidence of Spring

There is light at the end of this gray, dismal, winter tunnel. As we pulled into our driveway this morning, I noticed a long, dazzling line of greenery under the weeping cherry tree. My eyes darted about in my excitement. I cased the front landscape further trying to capture additional evidence of what is soon to come – Spring.

I stepped out from the car and hurried over to inspect the luscious foliage, evidence that tulip petals would soon pop up from the earth after months of cold, desolate existence. As I gingerly canvassed the area, I discovered the crocuses were also bursting forth from their winter hideaway. Slivers of fine, reedy leaves challenged me to bend down and caress their slender, gentle form. On closer inspection, one lonely blossom caught my eye. The deep purple flower bowed a greeting of great magnitude toward me as I smiled my reply. Soon the lonely flower would be joined by others in its’ gathering, ushering in spring with a blissful purple reign of color across our front walkway.

I enjoyed gazing at that single blossom this morning. While doing so, I removed myself from the suburban world in which we live. Listening, not to the sounds of cars moving nearby, but to the birds in the trees. Evidence of spring was all around me. Small buds laced the outer reaches of the maple trees. Not very many, mind you, but enough to paint a picture of what is directly around the corner. The lawn was a bit greener in color than it was brown, and although the morning wind was cool, it no longer carried a bone chilling bite with it.

After winter’s cold and blustery weather, spring lifts our spirits with a plethora of color. The early risers, crocuses, tulips, day lilies, are nature’s way of reeling us into the season. We shed winter doldrums and ready ourselves for the outdoors. Don’t you feel the mental lift as you see spring flowers popping up from the earth? As the birds sing throughout the morning air, do you not find yourself moving nearer, if not right outside, with your cup of coffee in hand to be closer to their melodious chirping? It is nature’s way of bringing us into the light, more energized, and ready to participate once again in her playground.

One of the benefits of being a writer is that we, fairly often, can write anywhere we want as long as we can see what we are doing. One of my favorite places to write is on the deck. I face the surrounding woods and allow myself to get lost in the story. Sometimes I work from an outline, other times, I work from an idea that takes over and demands immediate expression through the keyboard. Poetry usually strikes me in a demanding tone. I do not spend hours on rhyme or meter, but allow the poem to unfold on its own. Some call it a gift. I call it pure dumb luck. Whatever you call it, the surroundings help me write, stories or poems, it doesn’t matter. Nature rocks for inspiration! Use her energy to boost you. Fuel your passion, take time to enjoy spring, and allow the natural wonders to invigorate you so you can accomplish your goals for this year.

One of my goals was to write more, creatively that is, and so I shall. Just as the spring season brings forth a kaleidoscope of color and rebirth, a new writing endeavor fuels our creativity and bolsters us, writers, to continue plugging along in the craft. This new venture highlights short stories written by a number of dear people, many of whom I have the privilege of calling friends. Look for an announcement soon for the collaborative works offered in “I Believe in Werewolves” through Netbound Publishing.

Until next time, keep your eyes open to the colors emerging around you. Spring is in the air!

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