Is it the End of the World? 2012 … The Dilemma

Is not the world supposed to fall apart in 2012? I don’t pay much attention to that kind of talk so specifics elude me. I do recall a movie advertised (didn’t see it), and a warning here and there thrown on Facebook, Twitter, or a news program about catastrophes or religious calamities that are soon to befall us.

Approach the New Year with a bit of humor. Get your epitaph ready, write out that will, and ensure if you do want to live forever, that your family knows NOT to pull that plug in your living will! On the other hand, ensure the opposite, if that is your wish. Whatever the case, make sure the document is written so the intended reader fully comprehends the true meaning of your words. This is not a time for ill-chosen words, or an economy of words.

I would suggest a good writer or editor help in the process, but that is just my humble opinion as a wordsmith. Once all that awful paperwork is complete, signed, notarized, and legal, put it away and have the best year ever. If the world really is going to end in 2012, you might as well enjoy it! I don’t believe it, so I’ll be pressing ahead with vigor on some exciting new challenges and finishing projects from last year.

Have a wonderful New Year!

I am excited about a number of projects that are finally coming to fruition. This website will be updated a little more frequently bragging about friends, fellow writers, and their accomplishments – as well as updating you on my own creative works.

The year ahead is full of promise. You decide what to make of it.

Cheers! Image

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