Project Excerpt from “Battering Storms”

This is a small excerpt from my current project.

“Addie, what in blue blazes are you doing here?” Kalyani yelled. A young man with a long braid down his back glared at Kalyani. “Mind your own business young buck. I will do as I please. Go back to your grandfather’s house and help him brace for the storm.” The boy backed away, clearly intimidated by the strong woman’s presence. Happy with herself, Kalyani turned her attention back to Adeline. Shrugging and pointing toward the young man walking away. “Kids today, that youngin’ doesn’t even remember me, and I used to change his diapers. So tell me now, what are you doing here, now of all times?”

Adeline smiled at her old friend. Giving her a strong hug Adeline answered, “I missed you so much I just couldn’t take it anymore.”

“Stop blowing smoke up my skirt, white girl.”

“What’s up with the white girl talk?” Laughing, Addie continued, “I thought we were sisters, you and I, blood sisters remember?” Kalyani nodded in agreement. She turned to walk with Addie as she searched her friend’s face for the real reason for her visit. Sensing the questioning glare, Addie looked away as they walked the small market together. “Fine…  I’m at the cabin cleaning it up.”

“Cleaning it up, but why now?”

“Selling it. The development is going to be starting next year adding all those cabins to the 60 acres Rick used to own. Once the developer starts advertising heavily, I’ll be stuck with the cabin for years. I might as well cut my ties now and be done with it.”

Kalyani felt Addie’s heartache. “I understand, I do. Now isn’t a good time with this storm coming in. You should leave and come back in the spring.”

“This is supposed to be spring Kal, it’s April. Besides, the realtor said if I can’t get it ready in a month to put on the market I need to find someone else.  He has too many clients already.  A friend of Jonah’s.  You know, doing him a favor but gritting his teeth the whole way because he’s dealing with me.”

“Why are you using this guy if he’s a friend of Jonah’s?”

“A deal. I guess he owes Jonah a huge favor, or money.” She raised her eyebrows to Kalyani. “He’s waiving all the fees – even paying whatever I would be required to cover at closing. I didn’t ask Jonah for anything in the divorce so, I guess he feels this is something he can do. I would never tell Jonah, but I could use the break financially.”

“I never understood why you didn’t bleed that man dry when you had the chance, the cheating sack of shit.”

“Kal please! Let’s just drop it okay. I had my reasons.”

“Fine, fine. Listen, before this storm kicks our asses, why don’t I come over in a bit with some venison stew. If I am snowed in with you, then all the better. Dinesh is hovering over me like a hound dog on a fox hole.”

“Why in the world is he doing that?”

Kal’s smile faded, “Hey, we’ll talk about that later too. Grab lots of gear for you and Rufus. This storm is going to be a trip. Some wine too, we have a lot to talk about tonight. Hey, does that truck out there have four-wheel drive?”

“No. You know I live in the city. I don’t need it there.”

“Dang, what am I going to do with you?  I’ll bring some chains for your tires too, just in case.”

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