Simple Joys

Jamie’s heart was full, bursting with love
As her little fingers slid into the glove.
The warmth was instant, inside and out –
Someone cared for her, there was no doubt.

Her year was hard, moving from a big house
To a tiny apartment, not fit for a mouse.
Mom and Dad, both lost their jobs –
Nights spent covering her ears, blocking out their sobs.

Watching her parents, pray for a blessing;
She heard as they asked, “Let our kids not be missing
The Grace of the season
Or the love from a neighbor, if for no other reason

Than to bring a small smile on little Jamie’s face
Opening a few presents wrapped in ribbon or lace.
Let this one day be brighter, than all the rest,
Sharing in God’s love, and dress in our Sunday best.”

Jamie was so thrilled to see a few presents under the tree,
She was surprised and overjoyed to witness and see
The love from neighbors, friends and family as they sat
Watching Jamie smile broadly with her new gloves and new hat.

Such simple generosity lifts the spirit so high
The New Year was a great beginning, they could not deny
Jamie’s parents found new jobs and their spirits soared
All due to faith, and love in the Lord.

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