Reflective Absence

I felt compelled after a visit to the rebuilding of the towers and the 9/11 memorial in New York City last year to write a poem.  The reflecting pools, as well as the rest of the memorial, are a profound landmark.  Here is a small writing, post visit.

Reflective Absence
By Sirrah Medeiros
Finality of cutting ties
Slices through a soul
Like a sharp blade
Along a tender reed
Such exquisite refinement
That sinks deeply – quickly
Before realization dawns
That the arteries bleed out
Leaving pools of memories
In an abyss of reflective absence
Of words, voices, touches,
Pictures, tender moments and
A profound caring
Silence wrapped in silence
Left remaining in a heavy fog
Lingering over a veiled surface
Waiting, waiting, and waiting still
To breathe in fresh air
From clear skies just out of reach
Hoping for a relief sign
Above the haze of this
Reflective absence

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