Seasons of Sentiment


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Sirrah transcribes a collection of poetry and prose that explores life’s complexities. She captures the experiences of life with humor, heart, and a keen insight into human emotion.

Praise for Seasons of Sentiment.

“Seasons of Sentiment pulls the reader along on an astounding emotional journey into a wide-swerving, ever-changing pathway through the heart …” ~ Phibby Venable, author of Bones of a Generous Woman: New and Selected Poems

“The obvious goal of any writer is to reach the reader, to have your words resonate within them, and to establish some kind of an emotional connection. Maybe it’s a sympathetic response. Maybe your words simply touch on their empathic selves…maybe your words just elicit understanding of the subject matter. The point is to connect with the reader in such a way that they can relate to you, your topic, and your experiences.

Medeiros capably achieves this in her collection of poetry and prose, giving the reader a wealth of emotional and intellectual riches. There within an avalanche of emotions resides the core of who we are…brave, vulnerable, strong, broken, and ultimately, human.” ~ Amazon Customer

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