What are You Doing to Make Your Dreams Come True?

2013 – One month into it and I am wondering where my motivation is for everything I planned to accomplish. How are you doing on your New Year resolutions, writing goals, and personal goals? If you are making headway – send me a note and tell me your secret to success. I am looking forContinue reading “What are You Doing to Make Your Dreams Come True?”

Project Excerpt from “Battering Storms”

This is a small excerpt from my current project. “Addie, what in blue blazes are you doing here?” Kalyani yelled. A young man with a long braid down his back glared at Kalyani. “Mind your own business young buck. I will do as I please. Go back to your grandfather’s house and help him braceContinue reading “Project Excerpt from “Battering Storms””

Is There such a Thing as “Perfect” Writing?

You are plugging away at your computer, absolutely convinced you are constructing the next masterpiece to hit the New York Times Best Seller’s list. Alternatively, perhaps you write in another aspect, typing out the tasks and procedures necessary for Billy-Joe Jim-Bob to follow in order to assemble a recliner. His only objective is to followContinue reading “Is There such a Thing as “Perfect” Writing?”